Artist Statement


The idea of the ephemeral interested me, of what doesn’t leave a trace after “it happens.”  I like to work with materials that evolve, that degenerate, to see how time intervenes in them. I tried to work on the idea of what changes, while also searching for an economy of means, something that has been present in my work throughout the years, and especially at the beginning, the use of light materials, that don’t weigh much, that do not become ballast… ; it’s hard for me to make things with the idea of permanence. It’s an idea that’s so distant to my way of thinking… We, as matter, do not endure, that’s life.

For me, photography is what remains, it is a mark, a trace, that documents a process that develops in time, a narrative from which frozen or stopped moments in time are rescued by the camera.

It is a medium that allows me to tell stories easily, it is a fast, dynamic, transportable, ultimately practical medium which, in a way, is magic… Sometimes you know that “something” is happening, it seems like breathing stops, you notice a type of vibration, something that the camera captures and registers there, that is the culmination of a process and that process is what really matters, what is relevant.

The moment you work with the body, eroticism is there, what happens is that we hide it, we disguise it, because it’s not right… In the name of the body, especially the feminine body but also the masculine, all sorts of battles have been fought.

Our bodies have been completely castrated, tamed, we have lost the ability to listen to them. We mask their odors, we change them so they respond to the norm. They are always present but they’re hidden. Every encounter holds eroticism, between men and women, women and women, men and men, it accompanies us,… We are senses, we are skin, we are soma but we drown it. What would be hard for me would be to work ignoring it. It is something that accompanies us. Likewise, sensuality is part of the subject, in a texture, in touch… The senses are our channels to know the world, to know our conditions and finally, who we are.

Art that has a poetic imprint interests me, the symbolic languages that do not directly speak of the real. In the images that I construct. I explore the expression of the body as a territory of conflict, eroticism as an impulse of life, representations of what we understand as feminine and masculine…